Senior Bowl Interview: LeGarrette Blount

Blount played well at the Senior Bowl. Here, carrying 14 yards for a touchdown, even adding his signature flip into the end zone.

Blount played well at the Senior Bowl. Here, carrying 14 yards for a touchdown, even adding his signature flip into the end zone.

You may be curious how I was in Mobile, Alabama, and Mac Court at the same time on Saturday.  As good as I like to think I am, I’m not that good.

My friend and former colleague, Jason Roberts, of PRISM Press Group was at Media Night Monday evening at Battle ship Memorial Park and was treated to a special interview with the University of Oregon’s LeGarrette Blount.  Here, Blount discusses how he feels after the opening day of prac tice for the 2010 Senior Bowl, his experiences heading into this week’s events following a difficult senior season in Eugene , and what he believes will draw the attention of NFL scouts during the remainder of this week.

What does it feel like to get back on the football field?

It’s lovely. I appreciate the opportunity that I got to be able to get here. Steve Hale and the whole Under Ar mour Senior Bowl committee – I’m thankful that they thought enough of me to let me participate in this game. It’s a bless ing. I didn’t give up, never stopped praying and I had a whole bunch of support behind me, so it was just a wonderful opportunity for me to be here and it’s been a great experience.

How are you feeling? What does it truly mean to you to have this opportunity?

It means a lot. Just the fact that I get to come here and show every body what they’ve been missing this whole sea­son. I feel like if I’d have played this season that I think we probably would have lost one game and that was the Boise game. I don’t think we would have lost any more games. Not to take any thing from LaMichael, because LaMichael was definitely, I think honestly, he’s the best run ning back in the coun try. I love him, I just talked to him last night. He’s one of my closest friends, him and Ed Dickson. Just being here and getting this chance to prove that I still have every thing that I had in 2008 is just a wonderful feeling and great opportunity.

As a JUCO trans fer did you feel like you had more to prove with a limited amount of time, especially due to all the positive talk surrounding you when you got to Eugene?

Definitely. I feel like I had a lot to prove being that I came from a junior col lege. People think you go to junior col­lege first because you’re sorry and that is not the case here. I felt like I was one of the better backs in the country, I still feel like I’m one of the best backs in the country. That’s just a confidence and that’s just the way I approach everything. I want to be the best at what I do. I went into Oregon and I competed for the spot and I got a whole bunch of playing time. Me and Jeremiah splitting time and this year was going to be a little bit different. I was going to probably carry more of a load than Jeremiah car ried last year and it just kind of went in the wrong direction.

What keeps you positive in the midst of all this turmoil? You talk about prayer. Is God a big part of your life in that?

Definitely a big part of my life. He’s the #1 priority. Then there’s my kid and my family, my girlfriend and I just feel like as long as Marissa and LaGarrette James are in my life, I’m good. It doesn’t mat ter if I make it to the league or not.

Talk about the tradition of running backs at Oregon over the last few years. What draws people there?

Coach Campbell is a great coach. The offense runs a whole bunch of different varieties of plays, formations, do a lot of shifting and a lot of motion and they help find a whole bunch of different ways to get the running back the ball. They get the ball into the hands of the playmakers. They just feel like right now, being that Masoli has the quarterback job under wrap, the only thing they need to do is fill in for the running backs and LaMichael has stepped in and done that. Who ever is going to come into Oregon for the next two or three years – they’re not going to take his spot. LaMichael’s going to be the man so who ever goes in there thinking they’re going to be the man to take that position away from him is going to be sadly mistaken and disappointed.

What makes you the running back you are?

The athleticism I bring to the table as a big guy. A lot of guys my size prefer to run over every single body and that’s just not what I do. I run the ball and if a guy goes low on me I’m going to jump over him, I’m going to side step, I’m going to do what ever it takes to get past him and I’m not going to let one guy tackle me. Balance and speed and break ing tackles is my game, for a big back that’s a lot of the things that I have to bring to the table.

I’m sure you all remember this video:

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2 responses

  1. Nice interview, thanks for the insight.

    This is the most I’ve seen/heard LeGarrette speak since the Boise game.

    The one thing I don’t understand is how he was going to prevent the loss to Stanford? Was he going to switch to DT or LB? Because the Ducks still put up 236yds rushing (LMJ had 125 yds) and 42 points.

    Also, he played in the other loss and had a big part of the momentum shift with that handoff fumble (which I kind of blame Masoli for putting the ball so high), but Blount still kicked it.

    I wish the best to LG, but he wasn’t going to change the outcome of the season. He may change an NFL franchise with hard work though!

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