Latest Frat-Gate Speculation is Still Just Speculation

From KMTR: Rumors about a Masoli arrest are FALSE. Both EPD & Lane Co Jail officials confirm Masoli is not in, has not been in Lane Jail.

For what I had posted earlier:

No matter what information I get and how much I believe it to be true, it is not my place to be posting this information. I am sorry for spreading this speculation  to everyone who read this and for everyone it affected. From now on I will leave serious matters to the professionals and solely focus on reacting to the facts instead of posting things I have heard.

This is what @SPORTSbyBROOKS has had to say about Masoli this past week:

With how “busy” the Oregon off-season has been the last few weeks, there has been little update on what happened at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house last month.

Furthermore, there has even been an eerily quiet amount of  chatter on the rumor machine we call Twitter. has been keeping up with the situation fairly well, with an inside source saying four days ago that the “Masoli case is in front of a grand jury.”

The next day, he tweeted “Expect an update on Masoli situation very soon. Today.”

It has now been three days since then and there has been no movement whatsoever, with Brooks issuing his most recent update:

“For those of you asking, Masoli has not been arrested or charged with anything at this hour. #unfoundedrumors


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