Jeremiah Masoli and Louisiana Tech: A match made in WAC heaven?

Ok, I know Oregon fans are more than tired of hearing about their Rose Bowl-turned-Frat Stealing-turned (?) -Pot Smoking former quarterback, but if the latest reports hold any water (laptops?), we might be able to add more thing to that list.

I mean, how could Masoli turn down playing for a school that's only won one bowl game since 1984?

Rumor has it that Jeremiah Masoli is leaning toward transferring to Western Athletic Conference doormat, and former Gulf States Conference powerhouse, Louisiana Tech.

Monroe, La. television station KNOE-TV reported late last night that the former UO signal caller “visited the campus this past weekend and is also looking at Mississippi State.”

Of course, Masoli would have to sit out this season due to transfer rules, and even then would have to raise his grades to qualify academically. Who knew La Tech’s admission requirements were tougher than the University of Oregon’s? (Oh wait, this is just for athletes,  so never mind.)

If he does qualify, he still “has a couple of hurdles to clear in the justice system”. (Well punned, KNOE-TV). Masoli could redshirt in 2010 and be able to play one season in 2011.

Although you might think the Bulldogs are a step down football-wise from the Ducks, if history tells us anything, his chances of becoming an NFL Super Bowl-winning quarterback have jumped significantly. La Tech’s QB alumni have collectively won more rings than Oregon’s — of course they’re all from one player: Terry Bradshaw.

But in all seriousness, this move shouldn’t be a surprise or come as big news to anybody. Masoli’s best career path is still football — unless he’s been his affinity for quantum physics — and this gives him a chance to remain in Division 1, play well, turn some heads, and then enter the NFL Draft (while he searches for an apartment in the greater Winnipeg area, you know, just in case the NFL doesn’t work out).

I’m tired of hearing about him and you probably are too, but it’s news, and it’s June, and there isn’t much else.

What do you make of this?

University of Oregon + Nike + Dennis Dixon + The Buried Life = Everybody Wins

Headline got your attention, didn’t it?

Here’s the cool Oregon Ducks related story of the day. The Buried Life, an awesome reality show from MTV, could possibly join forces with former Oregon star QB and possible Pittsburgh Steeler’s starter Dennis Dixon for an episode this fall.

The show, which relies on the goodwill, guts and gumption of four guys to complete a pretty awesome bucket list, has put an episode of Season Two up for vote on Facebook.

In second place right now? The should-be 2007 Heisman winner suggested a pretty good idea:

I dare you to play 7 on 7 (or 5 on 5) football game against me and my boys. All played for the University of Oregon. One of us (Dennis Dixon) is an NFL QB. We have an association that puts on football camps and mentors kids. I can get the game at Nike head quarters in Beaverton Oregon, we can even raise money for a good cause. Let me know if your up for the challenge. Also check out our website and keep doing what you guys do.

How cool would that be? I’d definitely make the trip up to Portland to check it out. I know you would too. Go vote now!

Hat Tip to @TaylorJane15.

Caption Contest: Jake Locker for…Heisman??

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Partly because I’ve been lazy, partly because I’m still adjusting to working a full-time job this summer (after not having a class before noon the past six months), and partly because there hasn’t been a whole heck of a lot of Oregon Ducks news lately.

That said, I’m going to start posting more round-ups of recruiting, shorter posts on random things I find interesting and amusing, and other things I’ll make up as a I go along.

Here’s an example from the latter category. Starting today, I will have a Caption Contest every Tuesday. Why? Because it’s easy for me and I’m still looking for a great joke about the Ghanian head coach who looked more disheveled than Phil Spector on amphetamines.

Or, since I can’t find a good screenshot of Milovan Rajevac from the game Saturday, let’s go to Plan B: making fun of Jake Locker.

The Washington athletic department is mounting a Heisman campaign for the senior quarterback who, despite winning only eight games in his three-year career for the Huskies, in the words of ESPN’s Mel Kiper, is an “absolute lock” to be the first pick in the 2011 draft.

Basically, I need to start creating enough site traffic to justify paying the $7 a month for hosting.

So here goes, it’s your chance to make fun of  Jake Locker celebrating one of his eight wins, or more likely, a completion. Go!

The winner will get the satisfaction of knowing they made me laugh, and a a twitter shout out. Woohoo!

College Football Conference Realignment is About One Thing: Greed

The more I hear about this proposed “Pac-16” the more I don’t like it. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that people confuse UO and OU enough already (well, maybe not that much).

Sure, it would be awesome for Oregon and Oklahoma to square off on the regular, or potential USC-Texas conference championships.

But that would just be the aftermath of the conference’s true intentions: to make as much freakin’ money as possible.

This popped up when I googled "Pac-16". That can't be a good sign.

College football has turned into the Wild Wild West. Or maybe the Colonial Era, where Western Europe rampaged through Africa and the Americas. This is about killing or being killed. This is about grabbing the money out of the pot before anyone else can reach for it.

And I don’t like it.

I know there’s not much purity left in sports, but it still hurts to see such blatant greed — with little to no disregard to the integrity of the sport.

And ironic thing is, college athletics still try to mask themselves as institutions of higher learning. In student-athlete, “student” still comes before “athlete”. Yet college athletics might be dirtier than all four professional leagues combined. But I digress.

If Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado (which is already in, apparently) join the conference, that would essentially change college football as we know it.

As Ray Ratto of the San Francisco Chronicle put it: The Pac-10 would become the western equivalent of the Southeastern Conference, which will no doubt react by eating the lower third of the ACC, or of the Big 16, which would conceivably be the Big Ten plus the lion’s share of the Big East and, if it can get Notre Dame drunk enough, Notre Dame.

That would be 40 percent of the Division I football schools in three conferences! And more importantly, about 95% of the teams (or do we still have to call them schools?) that actually make money.

Wishful thinking on my part has all this prospective change resulting in the death of the BCS and the birth of some sort of playoff system under which winners are decided on the field. But if these schools are greedy enough to destroy the  current conference structure, who knows what will happen to the current Bowl situation.

If the rights to OSU come down to a golf cart race, I'm picking Oklahoma State.

Basically, college football is good the way it is — as long as a playoff system replaces the BCS (They’d make more money and football players don’t go to class anyway!). I don’t want something already great to change just because there are 50 rich people sitting behind big desks that want to be able to afford a second yacht.

And if you thought the potential confusion over UO and OU would be bad, just imagine Oregon State and Oklahoma State. Who gets rights for “OSU”? Do they play for it? Flip a coin? Have a drunken golf cart race-off?

Hopefully that question never needs to be answered. My brain hurts enough already.