46 Days Until Oregon Football… Get Excited!!!!

You need your daily Quack Fix. I need my daily traffic spike.

That said, we’re 46 days away from real football and you know what that means? More videos!

#48 #47

Today is a special Washington State beatdown edition.

Here are three numbers: 46, 49 and 46. I’m guessing by now you know what they mean, but in case you don’t, they’re the margins of victory from the last three contests (and I use that term loosely) against the Cougars.

And because I’m in a good mood today, I’ll even throw in the extra video from 2008.



My favorite vid from the ’09 game is from OregonGridiron.com, which of course, can’t be shared. Aside from the indefensibly terrible musical decision, I highly recommend checking it out (click the UO-UCLA one).

What a depressing game recap from Eastern Washington’s KXLY-TV… if you’re a Cougar.

I couldn’t find the actual game highlight video so I’ll use the next best thing: a super drunk Oregon fan who has trouble putting his shoe back on. What can I say, I’m easily amused.



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