45 days left… A Tribute to Oregon Fans and Gamedays at Autzen

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No matter where you come from, who you are or where you’re going, eight days out of the year 60,000 people get together at Autzen Stadium for a near-out of body experience. Watching our beloved Ducks makes people forget about the economy, midterms, and everything else for a truly euphoric, unmatchable Saturday afternoon.

Sometimes I forget how much watching 11 freakishly athletic college kids running around on a field trying to get a ball into a specially colored patch of grass means to us.

And then I see a video like this.


I’m so grateful to be able to participate in Oregon football and be a facilitator in other people’s enjoyment of it. That’s why I run this blog, to allow people to express, recount and immerse themselves in something bigger than any individual.

Sure, there are downsides which I don’t need to mention, but the upside far outweighs any detractors. With all that said, this video captures every good thing about college football. The pride, the community, the support, all creates a magical bliss we can share with friends and thousands of strangers.

Now that I’ve gotten all worked up, I have to remind you there are still 45 days until kickoff. I’ll do my best to get us through it in the meantime.

Go Ducks!!!!


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  1. Thanks for posting my video, and the kind words about it. It was about two years in the making from initial concept to gathering up all the footage (shots from over 50 different Duck games was used), and then editing it all together…but it was all a labor of love showing just how much we all care about Oregon Ducks football. So many videos had been made highlighting players and games, I thought it was long overdue that a video be made to show what it means to be a Duck from the fan perspective.
    I’m not 100% happy with the finished product, but the positive response has been overwhelming, and I’m very grateful so many fellow Ducks can share in the passion and love I have for this game and team.

    GO DUCKS!!!

    Kurt, a.k.a. keeerrrttt1

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