Goodbye Malcolm Armstead, We Hardly Knew Ye

Another one bites the dust, it looks like.

The Pit Crew’s chant of “OOOOh, Malcolm Armstead!” every time the junior point guard is inbounded the ball may, in fact, never be chanted again.

Malcolm Armstead becomes the latest casualty of the Ducks' tumultuous recent struggles.

Eugene television station KVAL reported this morning that the 6-foot transfer from Chipola Junior College may indeed transfer again.

KVAL says “a source with knowledge of the situation” told them Armstead had requested and been granted his release from the University of Oregon.

Since Ernie Kent’s firing in March, four players have transferred from the program: Matt Humphrey, Josh Crittle, Drew Wiley, and Jamil Wilson. Armstead would be the fifth.

Five is the number of days in the workweek. It’s the number of gears in a manual transmission. It’s the number of Supreme Court justices necessary to render a majority decision.

With four days in the workweek, the weekend would be too long. Four gears in a transmission and the car won’t run. Four Supreme Court justices and, well, you don’t have a decision.

So I guess it makes sense a fifth player needed to transfer, right?


Armstead fit in extremely well with the Ducks offense.  He was a serious threat to opponents last season. Once Pac-10 play started, he found his groove and finished the season averaging 10.3 points a game. He played in every game, and started all but five. Any scoring threat the Ducks had will surely be hindered if he indeed departs.

Five is an exorbitant amount of transfers. Sure, with the disappointing season, the firing of Ernie Kent, and the over hyped, way too drawn out coaching search, we must’ve expected to lose a few.

But we hired a coach on April 24th. By my count, that’s exactly three months ago. A respectable coach, too. We’ve got a brand new, $200 million state of the art arena opening in 6 months. Who wouldn’t want to play in there.

Hell, we’ve even got an Athletic Director now. And he came from Kentucky!

Armstead’s desired transfer is probably fueled by where he thinks he can win the most throughout the rest of his college career. He stood out last season at Oregon, and would’ve next season too, but something in him is saying “Look, Malcolm, there’s still problems at this program. Get out now, and get out quick, before things get worse.” If he indeed does transfer, it’s because he thinks that, a year from now, the Ducks will be exactly where they are right now:

Disappointing attendance, a measly record, and sitting in the bowels of the Pac-10 standings.

It’ll be up to the remaining Ducks to prove him wrong.  


17 responses

  1. What a bunch of whiny bitches. If you don’t want to play for a high-integrity coach, on a beautiful campus, at an incredible school and in an amazing new facility in the best conference in the country…then good riddance.

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous. I hope that Altman has some kids on the verge of coming in and we fans do not have the full scoop yet. If not, wtf?
    Reiterrating the facts, a good coach with the potential to be great, new arena, fantastic college scene, an amazing conference, the all around support and culture of all athletics, and a kid wants to leave, lose another year of eligibility, and all for what?
    I understand kids come in and play for the school, the comfort they have for a coach, and a few other reasons, but when you have already transferred from a CC or Juco program, your oppurtunities and days are numbered. Where is the grind? How can some of these players not see potential in themselves and as a team, even with departed players? This situtation is just frustrating because there is enough talent to do okay.

    • Some of these players have become egomaniac primadonnas, because of how we put athletes on pedestals, that they take coaching changes and minor things personally. I heard Michael Dunigan wanted to transfer during the coaching search because he felt unwanted. Unwanted. The guy has underperformed for two straight years and all he worries about is himself. He should be in the gym developing a decent post move. The culture of Oregon basketball needs to change. We need to hold players accountable, and not just let them all leave if things don’t go as well as they imaged. Hopefully Altman can do it, if not, we’ll be right back in the same situation three years from now.

  3. I think this is the risk a school takes when it recruits 17 to 19 year olds from 2,000 miles. Time to look at the 38,000,000 people and 110 junior colleges in the border state to the south who would be completely familiar with the premier league in the region. Mac Court was a tough sell to Calif kids who knew better;change was necessary and good things will come. It is still more exciting than the status quo and doing nothing. 50% of the sophomore class eliglibility is in the book recorded and they have a 10th and 9th place finish respectively. Move on,move forward,move ahead. Duck basketball needed a change and hope is restored. Altman gets a pass the first year anyway.

    • You’re right, no matter what happens Dana gets a pass this year. I would be shocked if we finish higher than 9th. All I want to see is improvement: can we run plays, play D, and at least pretend to look like we’re actually interested in the game? Or is that too much to ask for?

  4. Dana should see if theres any duck football players that can make an impact on the team for the upcoming season,its gotten to the point where he may need them.

      • Kenjon Barner certainly can hoop it up. He was an amazing prep BB player. I had the privilege of hearing stories of his accomplishments from one of his former coaches. I’d love to see him suit up. A former Duck recently told me that being in basketball shape is far superior to being in football shape. If that’s true, then having him on the court would be great for him as well.

      • I have to agree, although the AD’s big PR push has gotten most people on the Dana Altman bandwagon. Not expecting much, especially in the short term, but I’ll hope for the best.

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