Oregon Ducks Fall Camp: Day Three Notes (With Video)

Ed’s Note: Written by Chase Kepler:

Nothing too spectacular today, but some good stuff nonetheless.


The quarterback competition is obviously the hottest topic for Duck fans. Both Darron and Nate had their best days so far in fall camp. They each threw fewer interceptions and overall better made better decisions. Both did throw a pick-six and weren’t perfect, but still much improved from the previous two days (which sadly didn’t take much).

What I would like to see is one QB take charge of the competition and be the clear cut number one, and that hasn’t happened. But there’s still a long way to go. Hotshot true freshman Bryan Bennett again looked good but had a couple plays in the last team drill that reminded us that he’s a freshman, fumbling a snap and making some bad reads.

Chip Kelly must have skipped breakfast this morning because when asked about the evaluation process of Costa and Thomas, Chip compared it to breakfast food.

“I evaluate how they eat their eggs in the morning,” he said, smirking. “It’s an all encompassing thing for us.”

So who’s the better egg eater?

“Right now, it’s Darron because he goes over-easy instead of scrambled – scrambled falls off the fork,” Kelly said.

As for the people on the Darryl Hawkins bandwagon: Get off. Now. He looked terrible in individual drills and team drills. The sooner he is moved to WR the better (Ed’s Note: Ouch).

Redshirt freshman linebacker Bo Lokombo again looked like a complete stud. He had an amazing play where he jumped a route, leaped, picked it off and ran it back to the house off Nate Costa. It will be impossible to keep him off the field — even with how stacked the position is — Bo is simply all over the place.

LaMichael James looked good once again, as did the all the running backs. The running game really stood out today and the holes were really opening up as James, Kenjon Barner and Remine Alston all had their fair share of long runs.

Today’s biggest disappointment was Josh Huff. His effort and speed still showed but he did his best Jaison Williams impression, dropping several catchable balls. His athleticism is there but the hands need work, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as Huff is making the switch from the backfield to out wide.

The same players who looked good yesterday, minus Huff, continued to shine. Its hard to really evaluate the lines right now as they aren’t yet in full pads and can’t get after it 100 percent. Full pads will come Friday.

Video from Jonathan Marx:

Until next time…

Go Ducks!!


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