About The Sports Dude

UO Sports Dude is an Oregon Ducks blog run from the perspective of its most passionate fans: U of O students. Hopefully nothing we publish will get us expelled — we’re already on double-secret probation.

6 responses

  1. Hi Keith,

    I’m new to the blogosphere and twitter. This here is my first blog comment ever.

    I admire your attitude and your drive to make things happen! With an attitude like that, the sky’s the limit.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your client pitch tomorrow.


  2. Sports Dude,

    I just got your e-mail from the Warsaw business club.. So I decided to check out your blog to see what this self proclaimed “Sports Dude” is all about. I conclude that I like your work!

    I am also a Sports Marketing major at the Uduck!

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