Way too early five best bets to win Super Bowl XLV

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Stuff You Might Care About :

The man.

Even though we’re right smack dab in the middle of NBA Free Agency and the World Cup, the NFL has proven that it’s King of American professional sports. It’s never a bad time to talk some football.

We’re just over two months away from opening kickoff, which means it’s time for me to make my way-too-early-but-I’ll-still-pretend-I-know-better-than-you Super Bowl predictions.

Here are my top five teams based on the NFL Odds:

  1. New Orleans Saints – How can you not go with the reigning champs? They bring back nearly every important piece, most importantly Drew Brees and Darren Sharper, which at 8/1 make them a solid bet to repeat. Only question is, can Sean Payton make it through the season without going through vicodin withdrawals? Meanwhile, Ron Washington says that’s no big deal.
  2. Minnesota Vikings – 11/1 odds with Brett Favre make the Vikes look like a steal. 11/1 with Tavaris Jackson make them look atrocious. Of course, since I have them at number two, I’m betting that like always, Favre will be back. But since the Southern Miss Golden Eagles didn’t make the College World Series, who knows what Favre will do. I’m pretty sure he just loves to fuck with us.
  3. New York Jets – This team will either buy into the bad boy mentality like the 1990’s Miami Hurricanes, or it will buy into the bad boy mentality like the 2000’s Miami Hurricanes. The Jets added a ton of big names this offseason — Antonio Cromartie, Santionio Holmes, LT — but with the NFL so character-focused these days, it wouldn’t be a huge shock to see New York self-combust. Rex Ryan is the perfect coach for this team, and if he can harness his players’ egos for good, and Mark Sanchez builds on his playoff successes, the Jets could go a long way.
  4. New England Patriots – Basically, I buy into the thinking that Tom Brady’s knee injury has a two year recovery period; which means he’ll bounce back this year. Moss is still as good as ever, and Welker will come back in time for the playoffs. Maybe it’s just that I have a man crush on Brady, but as long as he’s on the Pats, they’re going to be in the Super Bowl hunt.
  5. San Francisco 49ers – Do I think my 9ers realistically have a shot at the Super Bowl? Not with Alex Smith at quarterback. But this team has been stockpiling talent for years and finally has some stability on the coaching staff. I wouldn’t be completely shocked if San Francisco pulled an Arizona Cardinals-type run. Except, you know, without a quarterback. At 40/1, it’s worth the risk.