The Case for Kenjon (Barner)

Ed’s Note: Written by Jeff Spiegel

Immediately following the devastating Rose Bowl loss last January, the only positive Oregon headline in circulation read: “Kenjon Barner is the Lone Bright Spot for Oregon” (Los Angeles Times). For anyone who has forgotten the details of that game, that wasn’t a typo. It wasn’t Jeremiah Masoli or LaMichael James who carried the Ducks in the biggest game of the season; it was that other running back that kept it close. Said Chip Kelly after the game, “I know there’s a lot of negatives about tonight…but I get to spend three more years with Kenjon.”

You see, while everyone has spent the off-season touting LaMichael James, the breakout freshman from last season, it appears many people are passing over the explosive Barner. While many would claim they aren’t underestimating Barner, I’m asking you to consider the following: could Kenjon Barner actually be better than James?

On the face of it, the competition doesn’t seem that close. James was given four times the carries Barner was, and carried the ball for an astounding 6.7 yards per carry compared to Barner’s 6.0 YPC. Consider, however, that over the final eight games of the season, Barner’s averaged jumped to 7.2 YPC against defenses such as UCLA, ASU, USC, and Ohio State compared to James’ 7.0 against the same opponents. The reason to look at just these final eight games has nothing to do with the added importance of these games, but just the added grasp Barner had of the offense.

While James had the luxury of learning the system for an entire season during his redshirt year, Barner spent that time playing defensive back for the scout team. Last season, Barner was essentially a true freshman learning the offense on the fly after taking an entire season off. In addition to all this, Barner starred during his time on special teams last season, setting a single-season Duck record for kickoff return yardage, and figures to do more of the same this season. What I am trying to say is not that Kenjon Barner is definitively the best Duck running back on the roster, but that Barner hasn’t done anything to lead us to believe he can’t be.

To clarify further, none of this has anything to do with James. LaMichael is a freak, and figures to be one of the nation’s top running backs this season; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barner joined him in that group this season. During James’ Week One suspension, Barner will have the opportunity to make a statement regarding his place on the Oregon depth chart, and given the porous defense he’ll be facing, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes that statement at the top of his lungs.

With as much talent as the Ducks have rotating around the running back position with both of these elite backs — and the addition of two of the most highly recruited backs in Lache Seastrunk and Dontae Williams — Chip Kelly’s task of spreading the ball around will most certainly be difficult. All this being said, that remains a problem most coaches wished they had.

Expect a lot more of this, this year:


Correction: New UO Student Season Ticket Option is a Huge Win for Students

Last night I got all worked up about the horror that would be UO students paying for football tickets.

It turns out I was so blinded by the dollar signs that I didn’t completely understand the initial report and more importantly, didn’t include one crucial bit of information that, in fact, makes this deal a huge victory for students.

Instead of taking away 1,000 of the tickets the ASUO already allocates to students via that still bat shit crazy online distribution system, the athletic department is now offering 1,000 extra tickets to students — taking them from the general ticket marketplace. In essence, the AD just increased the amount of tickets available to students by 20%.

Now the only problem is the ethical dilemma it creates for students.

Should you pay the $200 — fair market value at $33 per ticket — and guarantee yourself a coronary-free Sunday, or save the beer money and add a little excitement — and possible heartbreak — to the end of your week?

Personally, I’ll pay the $200. I will be in Eugene for all six games, I’m lucky enough to afford it, and no matter how much of a rush it was to make it to that still ever-glorious checkout page, I’d rather avoid the stress and battle scars that come with it.

And if you think about it, there’s a good chance you’ll end up paying $200 for just two games if you happen to miss out on them through the online process. Sure, you can buy standing room only tickets to out of conference games, games against weak opponents (cough WSU cough) and games before the school year starts for $30 and then sneak into the student section, but for premium games like USC, UW or the Civil War (although we play none of those teams this year), even a standing room only ticket could set you back $100.

Of course, if you’re not going to be in Eugene for September, being in Autzen on Saturday isn’t a life or death proposition, or you already work two jobs paying your own tuition, then you can carry on as if nothing has changed.

By all means, this has not fixed the student football system but it does help those who are willing to shell out the extra $200.

Plus, this offers the added bonus of beefing up one of the already rowdiest student sections in the country with 1,000 new “O”-yelling crazies.

If anyone should be upset, it should be the alumni, faculty and the general Autzen Stadium-going populace.

I apologize to the AD and the ASUO for my disparaging post yesterday, and on behalf of all students, I’d like to thank you for finding a way to let 1,000 more students enjoy the privilege that is Oregon Ducks football at Autzen Stadium.

Here are the reports from the Daily Emerald and the release from itself.

The only question is if the ASUO will continue to purchase as many tickets for students with student fee money as before, as the Emerald’s report says the ASUO will save $160,000 from this deal, which I’m not sure where that comes from.

Rivals Has the Oregon Ducks No. 4 to Start the Season

Of course, it’s all about the quarterback. But apparently, Rivals is buying either one or both of the Nate Costa and Darron Thomas duo.

Here’s my favorite line:

The Ducks are loaded, or at least solid, everywhere else [aside QB]. They have a strong line, an explosive running back, a productive receiver and a good defense.

Oregon appears to have the components to post a double-digit victory total for the third consecutive season and for the fourth time in six seasons. If everything works out right, the Ducks could challenge for the national title.

Don’t go booking flights to Glendale for January just yet, but there’s a good chance you might need to.

A couple interesting notes:

  • Prize DT recruit Ricky Heimuli has been tearing it up in camp and could see serious playing time right away, which would add much needed depth (behind Brandon Bair) to the defense’s weakest position. Aside from Bair, no other returning DT made more than 18 tackles last season. Yea, Heimuli will be important.
  • No kicker on the current roster has converted a college field goal. Seriously, check the stats (I know, it shocked me too). But that’s why true freshman Alejandro Maldonado is Olin Buchanan’s impact newcomer on offense. However, no matter how good he might be, a true freshman kicker is always a scary proposition.

Posts like this make me salivate for September 4th — which is good because I just booked my flight up to Eugene.

Go Ducks!

Attention UO Students: Get Ready to Shell Out $200 for Football Tickets

Ed’s Note: Read the updated/correct story here.

Any current (or former) U of O student knows how awesome football games at Autzen Stadium are. Not so awesome, however, is the process of how said students go about obtaining their virtual golden tickets.

Every Sunday evening before the next home game, thousands of students nervously log-on to, holding their collective breath and hoping the server doesn’t overload while the seconds seemingly tick by at lightning speed. If you don’t get to the ever glorious checkout page by three minutes past your designated distribution time, you know there’s a good chance you’ll be scalping tickets come Saturday.

Well now there’s an answer.


For the 2010 Football Season, UO students will be able to purchase a Student Season Ticket. This season ticket will cost $200, and all 6 home games will be embedded into your UO Student ID card. Students with a Student Season Ticket will not need to claim a ticket through the lottery process on a game-by-game basis, though you will still get your UO ID scanned at the student entrance at Autzen before each game.

UO Student Season Tickets will go onsale on Sunday, August 22nd at 6:00pm. There is a limit of 1,000 season tickets and they will be sold to currently enrolled UO Students on a first-come first-serve basis.

Hold on a second here. Doesn’t every student already pay for football tickets as part of their student fees? Why should I have to shell out $200 more — on top of $35,000 for tuition — to ensure that I can yell “O!” on six Saturdays?

Of course, I’m going to do it — and I expect the other 999 tickets to sell out in mere minutes — because whether it’s right or not, being able to attend (and write about from the first person) Oregon football games is one of the top reasons why I chose the U of O.

Students get the short end of the stick already. Sure, you can cut back hours to the library, EMU and the Rec, close “The Break” pool hall, and eliminate needed bus routes without much complaint, but don’t mess with our football tickets.

The UO Athletic Department has put itself in a win-win position while putting the ASUO in a lose-lose. The old system was bad, blaming the ASUO for not having enough money to buy up the whole student section on gamedays. Now, students will blame the ASUO for agreeing to let the AD make $200,000 in pure profit off 1,000 so-called lucky, worry-free students.

Sure, it might be worth $200 to me to avoid the heart-stopping panic each Sunday night. * **

(*Note: Last year, I only managed to get a ticket to the epic USC game because a “friend” on facebook who I didn’t actually know, had made it into the system and decided to do a good deed, entering my username and password into his open ticket-gulping channel.)

(**Extra note: While thousands of students are turned away from even attempting to “purchase” student tickets online, certain lucky students have the opportunity to logout and back in nearly limitlessly to hook up all of their friends. Yea, the system is broken.)

But it’s $200 more than students should have to pay to attend football games. I may seem to be emitting a generous aura of entitlement, but I think my (well, my dad’s) $35k+ a year is enough to include a guarantee for six measly football tickets.

Yea, I’ll pay the $200, and it’ll be a relief for my blood pressure not to go through the roof on a weekly basis, but I think there’s a better way to let students attend football games — without gouging their pockets and offering its student body a collective weekly coronary.

TAILS: Madden Challenged

Ed’s Note: Written by Drew Norton

Aw yeah, it’s that time of year again. Are you ready for some VIRTUAL FOOTBALL?!

Madden 2011 was released last Tuesday and, just like every year, game designers who don’t work for EA are crying buckets into their pillows.

For those of you who don’t know, the Madden Football series is a series of videogames released every year since 1988. I’m not joking. This game is older than I am. It’s a powerhouse in the gaming industry and a benchmark for every other sports game on the market (except Mario Kart.)

Really, where would we be without John Madden Football? Playing Tecmo Bowl? Come on, who played Tecmo Bowl (even though people are still playing it after over twenty years and it was just re-released with 3-D characters)? Outrageous! A lot has changed since 1988, however. Game systems are no longer measured in bits. There isn’t a Bush in the White House. Janet Jackson is now the talented one by default. Is it justifiable to release a new game every year in the Internet age? Is the new Madden game worth it?

To answer this question, I need to get some biases out of the way. This is going to come up at some point, so I just want to give you guys all of the information: I hate EA. EA the biggest publisher of video games in the industry and I hate them. I hate them with a fiery passion. Electronic Arts is the devil. They are the Sith lords of the video game world. They make The Combine look like Alf. They rove around the gaming landscape, sucking up developers and then sucking them dry until they just plain suck. There is no joy in them, no heart. They’re like a giant black obsidian monolith that blocks the light and kills a beautiful rainforest full of adorable monkeys with gum-drop smiles. There are many, many reasons to hate them, but in the context of Madden the reason they are awful is that they bought the license to every NFL team ever. This makes it impossible for any other game developers to make a football game with real players without EA suing them until they die a horrible, legislative death. So I might be a little biased against them.

On the other hand, I don’t really hate the Madden games in particular. It’s boring to me, but that’s about it. Still, I wonder why they feel the need to release a game every year. All they do is add tiny updates to a game which has gone essentially unchanged since 1997.

This year they’ve apparently made it easier for noobs to pick it up and play. There’s dual stick play and 3-on-3 online. They’ve updated the rosters and stats, like they do every year. This is all very nice and I’m sure Madden heads are pissing themselves, (with anger. How dare they make it accessible?!) but why couldn’t this be released as DLC?

Downloadable content is the fastest growing market in the industry. Rockband has made over a billion dollars in revenue on DLC alone since it’s release. A billion. With a ‘B’. That’s ridiculous and those numbers are from around this time last year. If they released updated player stats throughout the year as updates and then released rosters, new modes and tweaks as DLC, they’d cut down on shipping costs, the cost of the disks and the cost of paying some asshole to be on the cover and then be cursed into obscurity. It just doesn’t make any sense to release a yearly full-priced deal.

All I ask is that they think about it. Of course they won’t because they’d rather rake in their motherload once a year than have a stead trickle of income throughout. They whip fan boys into such a frenzy that they’re willing to buy the same game every year until they die. It’s sad, really. Now who’s ready for the next Call of Duty game?!

Yahoo! Pegs Ducks Top in Pac-10, Oregon Unis Make Headlines (Again), and Jake Locker is Ronnie From Jersey Shore?

Yahoo Sports!/ writer Olin Buchanan just came out with his super ridiculously in depth, more comprehensive that probably necessary but still entirely worth reading Pac-10 conference preview.

The theme: It’s wide open. (Sad note: It wouldn’t be if Jeremiah Masoli didn’t decide to well, you know…)

There are lots of interesting nuggets in here. Namely, Olin has already gazed into the crystal balls and declared Nate Costa the Ducks’ starting quarterback. He must not be a fan of eggs over-easy.

Here’s what else Olin thinks about the Ducks this season:

  • Oregon is picked to finish first, with USC, Oregon State, Stanford and Washington rounding out the top five.
  • Olin dubs Oregon-USC as the conference’s game of the year. “If Oregon gets by USC, the Ducks could enter the last month of the season as national championship contenders.” I can dig it. The Civil War also ranks among the 10 best games.
  • Four Ducks are selected to finish on the the all-conference first team: LaMichael James, Bo Thran, Kenny Rowe and Casey Matthews. Nothing too surprising there.
  • And four more Ducks were selected to represent the second team: Jeff Maehl, Carson York, Brandon Bair and Kenjon Barner, as a return specialist. I’m disappointed that Jordan Holmes, Eddie Pleasant and especially John Boyett didn’t get love from Buchanan.
  • In the “team unit” offensive rankings, Oregon is ranked as having the fifth best backfield (despite being loaded at running back), seventh best receiving corps (not much proven production beyond Maehl), and the number one offensive line (as they should be).
  • On the defensive side, the Ducks look to be in much better shape, coming in third on the line (Rowe is in for a big year), second best at linebacker (Ducks go a strong eight deep), and second again in the defensive backfield (Olin says no team is deeper at safety).
  • Despite the explosive return threats Oregon has, Olin doesn’t have much confidence in the Ducks’ special teams unit, noting the inconsistency from Rob Beard and Jackson Rice.
  • “Big Balls” Chip and Co. come in just behind Mike Riley’s staff for the top spot on the sidelines. For the Beavers to do anything this year, Riley better do a helluva job breaking in new quarterback Ryan Katz.

Some other interesting tidbits:

  • Despite plenty of love for Jake Locker, Olin thinks Washington will disappoint this year because of their inexperienced defense. Why can’t they just Locker play both ways? Then UW would be unstoppable.
  • Washington State comes in dead last in every unit ranking except for one, where they’re slotted ninth. Yea, the Cougs still have a long way to go.
  • Buchanan expects Quizz to be offensive player of the year. Let’s see what LMJ thinks about that.

Lastly, some other bits of Quack from earlier today:

  • In a poll of 125 NCAA football players by ESPN, 53.7% picked Oregon’s uniforms as their favorite in the country. This survey means you can’t bitch about Oregon’s unis anymore. They’re doing exactly what they were designed to do. One unnamed Big Ten star was particularly blown away. “I don’t even have to think about that one,” he says. “I almost wanted to transfer there just for those uniforms.” Yup, they’re working.
  • Phil Knight is profiled in the magazine Fast Company, with the apt headline: How Nike’s CEO shook up the shoe industry.
  • My San Francisco 49ers just announced they’ve signed former beloved Duck Will Tukuafu to a two-year contract.
  • Jason McIntyre over at The Big Lead compares college football players (and coaches) to Jersey Shore characters. Jake Locker is compared to Ronnie for his “beastlyness” but I think it has more to do with their shared love for grenades. And Lane Kiffin is the equivalent of Angelina because, well, nobody likes either of them. That one was easy.

A Gambling Column, Why Not? Up First: Heisman Trophy Futures

Ed’s Note: Written by Chase Kepler, practice reporter and Chad Millman wannabe.

College football is less than a month away and that can only mean one thing: Gambling is BACK.

Las Vegas expects Ingram to repeat -- or at least wants us to believe that.

Sure baseball is OK and you could bet on the occasional MMA fight, but nothing compares to the excitement of taking the 38 points and betting on Florida Southern Coast Tech State when they play Alabama.

I don’t know what it is, but putting $20 on a game makes it great. Let’s be honest, how many of you would actually sit down and watch that game? Don’t get me wrong, when my Ducks are playing no money is necessary to have me glued to the TV. But when the late night game is an epic matchup of SWAC powerhouses, some action is needed to keep me from falling asleep.

This will be a weekly column to let you, the reader, have the inside edge and keep your wallets fat. Because, well, what makes more sense that having a blog run by college students (half of which are under 21) have a column on something that’s completely illegal outside of Nevada, Oregon, Montana and that shit hole we call Delaware. It makes perfect sense.

With the games still a few weeks away I thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at some future bets, specifically the odds for the Heisman and the BCS.

Lets start out by looking at the odds for the Heisman Trophy.

  • Mark Ingram + 350
  • Terrelle Pryor+ 500
  • Ryan Mallett+ 1000
  • Casey Keenum + 1200
  • Jake Locker (Jesus, best prospect ever, best athlete alive, 9-27 as a starter) + 1200
  • John Clay+ 1200
  • Noel Divine + 1200
  • Dion Lewis+ 1200
  • Evan Royster + 1200
  • Jacory Harris + 1200
  • Andrew Luck+ 1500
  • DeMarco Murray+ 1500
  • Christian Ponder + 1500
  • Kellen Moore+ 1500
  • Matt Barkley+ 1800
  • Quizz Rodgers +2000
  • Landry Jones + 2000
  • Garrett Gilbert +2500
  • LaMichael James + 3000
  • Tate Forcier + 3000

Now that the odds are laid out it’s time to eliminate the sucker bets.

If overhyped was in the dictionary, there’d be a picture of Jake Locker sitting right next to it. My personal bias aside, he will not win the Heisman. Lets face it, even if Locker was the best player in college football (he’s not), it wouldn’t matter because that isn’t what the award is anymore. It’s now the “best player on a top-5 team” award. Although improved, Locker and Washington might not win five games, let alone finish near the top of the polls. Stay away.

Other players that fall into the “Great player, not good enough team to win the award”:

  • Dion Lewis
  • John Clay
  • Quizz Rodgers
  • Andrew Luck
  • Casey Keenum
  • Ryan Mallet
  • Evan Royster
  • Matt Barkley (good enough team, but the sanctions hurt)

Now onto the next level of people who won’t win. I like to call it the “Is this a joke? I have a better chance than they do” section.

Tate Forcier is one of the players we're sure won't win the Heisman.

First off, Tate Forcier. I know three things about Forcier: One, he’s on Michigan. Two, Michigan sucks. And three, he probably won’t even be the starter. Stay away, far away.

Andrew Luck at + 1500. He’s a great player but I can’t see him putting himnup Heisman-type numbers — or winning the Pac-10 — without Toby Gerhart. Think he throws for 250 yards and two scores against Oregon without having the threat of seven yards a carry in the backfield each play? I don’t.

Other people that wont win but I don’t have a category to put them in.

  • Jacory Harris
  • Mark Ingram ( Too hard to win it back-to-back)
  • DeMarco Murray

Finally, onto the players that will put money in your wallet.

As much as I hate to say it, the smartest bet this year is Terrelle Pryor at + 500. With their easy schedule, Ohio State has a great chance of going undefeated and heading to the BCS. Combine that with Pryor’s supposed newfound maturity, momentum coming off a Rose Bowl victory (tear), and the fact that he still has that “once in a lifetime recruit” hype, there’s a great chance he’ll be in New York at the least.

I hate everything about Boise State, but Kellen Moore is an outstanding QB. His Heisman chances come down to one game against V-Tech. They win and Boise most likely goes undefeated. Moore also had the second highest number of Heisman votes last year of all players returning this year. His stats alone might just be enough to blow away voters — his 39 TDs and 3 INTs last year is pretty amazing. He’s a great value at +1500

My biggest shocker is Garrett Gilbert. I know he’s a true sophomore who’s never even started a game. I know only one true sophomore has won the award and he had Jesus on his side. But Garrett Gilbert is immensely talented (many considered him the best QB of the 2009 class) and surrounded by enough talent that Texas should win the Big 12 (don’t buy the Nebraska hype, their offense is anemic). That alone will get him attention and votes. Get in early when he is still in the +2500 range

Saved the best for last: Our boy LaMichael James. It would take the Ducks at least a Rose Bowl berth for him to get a chance but that’s well within the realm of possibility. Last year he set the freshman rushing record despite a measly 11 carries in the first two games. I expect even bigger things from him this year with all five starters and top reserves returning on the offensive line, and most likely a bigger emphasis on the running game without Jeremiah Masoli.

At + 3000 James is a great bet for the savvy gambler and hey, he’s a Duck so show him some love and get on the Wagon now.

Coming soon: A look at the BCS odds

Oregon Ducks Fall Camp: Day Three Notes (With Video)

Ed’s Note: Written by Chase Kepler:

Nothing too spectacular today, but some good stuff nonetheless.

The quarterback competition is obviously the hottest topic for Duck fans. Both Darron and Nate had their best days so far in fall camp. They each threw fewer interceptions and overall better made better decisions. Both did throw a pick-six and weren’t perfect, but still much improved from the previous two days (which sadly didn’t take much).

What I would like to see is one QB take charge of the competition and be the clear cut number one, and that hasn’t happened. But there’s still a long way to go. Hotshot true freshman Bryan Bennett again looked good but had a couple plays in the last team drill that reminded us that he’s a freshman, fumbling a snap and making some bad reads.

Chip Kelly must have skipped breakfast this morning because when asked about the evaluation process of Costa and Thomas, Chip compared it to breakfast food.

“I evaluate how they eat their eggs in the morning,” he said, smirking. “It’s an all encompassing thing for us.”

So who’s the better egg eater?

“Right now, it’s Darron because he goes over-easy instead of scrambled – scrambled falls off the fork,” Kelly said.

As for the people on the Darryl Hawkins bandwagon: Get off. Now. He looked terrible in individual drills and team drills. The sooner he is moved to WR the better (Ed’s Note: Ouch).

Redshirt freshman linebacker Bo Lokombo again looked like a complete stud. He had an amazing play where he jumped a route, leaped, picked it off and ran it back to the house off Nate Costa. It will be impossible to keep him off the field — even with how stacked the position is — Bo is simply all over the place.

LaMichael James looked good once again, as did the all the running backs. The running game really stood out today and the holes were really opening up as James, Kenjon Barner and Remine Alston all had their fair share of long runs.

Today’s biggest disappointment was Josh Huff. His effort and speed still showed but he did his best Jaison Williams impression, dropping several catchable balls. His athleticism is there but the hands need work, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as Huff is making the switch from the backfield to out wide.

The same players who looked good yesterday, minus Huff, continued to shine. Its hard to really evaluate the lines right now as they aren’t yet in full pads and can’t get after it 100 percent. Full pads will come Friday.

Video from Jonathan Marx:

Until next time…

Go Ducks!!

Oregon Ducks Fall Camp: Day Two Notes

Written by Chase Kepler:

Another exciting day at Duck Practice. It was the last day without shoulder pads and you can tell the players are ready to hit.

Seastrunk has really impressed with his quickness and agility out of the backfield.

Some guys really stood out, starting with Bo Lokombo. He just keeps making plays and is all over the ball. The highlight of the day was easily his pick-six off Nate Costa, where he made a GREAT catch on the ball. Bo is really pushing for that number one spot at OLB.

It should be noted that Chip Kelly swapped in Darron Thomas for Costa to run with the first team today, although it could just be a back and forth thing until one player emerges.

That said, the quarterback battle is still pretty even — and rusty. Costa threw a pair of interceptions today and had another one that should have been brought back for a touchdown, but Kenny Rowe couldn’t hang on to it. The argument for Costa is that he is the “safe” pick, however in the first two practices this has not been the case. He’s thrown six interceptions to Darron Thomas’s one, and throws into double and triple coverage far too often.

But like Kelly noted, “A guy may throw a pick, but when you look at the film, the receiver ran the wrong route. Is that the quarterback’s fault? Is there a protection breakdown? They look like they did some decent things out there (today), but other times it looked like they made some mistakes.”

Darron has actually been making very good reads, hitting his check down — almost too much  even — and rarely forcing the ball to his receivers. I would like to see two things from Darron: the first being more consistency with his ball/ accuracy. His ball often wobbles, and it comes in too high or too low for the receivers. I’d also like to see him take more shots downfield.

The QB position might seem a little shaky right now, but the future looks great. True freshman Bryan Bennett looks like a veteran already in his second day of fall camp. He throws the best ball out of all three QB’s and has been making great reads with few mistakes. He especially looked great after practice when it was just the newcomers going 7 on 7, hooking up with receivers deep downfield with perfect balls. I have a new man crush.

On twitter, Dan Rubenstein (a must follow) said that Bennett is the first QB to come into Oregon who ran a modern read-option spread offense in HS.  Which might be why he’s so ahead of the curve.

Other players that stood out were:

  • Curtis White: He is going to be special. Great frame and catches everything.
  • Brandon Williams: Or should I say Antonio Gates. Enough said.
  • Josh Huff: It will be hard to keep him off the field. Great hand, great speed.
  • Blake Cantu: Aaron Pflugrad but bigger and quicker.
  • Lache Seastrunk: Didn’t do much but had a run at the end of practice that showed why he was a 5 star. Agility is insane.
  • Lavasier Tuinei: Great hands and has definitely added some weight from last year.

A few more notes from the Register-Guard’s Adam Jude:

Jackson Rice definitely won the day, at least judging by the difficulty punt returners LaMichael James and Lache Seatrunk had catches Rice’s booming kicks. … Seastrunk, splitting time with fellow freshman Dontae Williams with the third-string offense, cut outside with a couple nifty moves for a big run on the final play of 11-on-11s. … Sophomore CB Cliff Harris practiced today in his new No. 13 jersey, running mostly with the “threes.” … Joey Harrington made an appearance today, watching practice from the edge of the field. He then spent a few minutes after practice talking with Costa.

Harris with the threes? I really hope he gets his head on straight and earns his way into a starting spot. He has the potential to be special.

Until next time…

Go Ducks!