Forget About Masoli for a Second, We’re 37 Days Away From Oregon Football

While everyone is busy digesting the absurdity of all things Jeremiah Masoli this morning — my favorite being the “Media Mistakes” page on his new PR site (I don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed that my initial report didn’t make the cut, yet Wikipedia did) — I’m here to get you excited about the thing that actually matters, you know, that things that starts in 37 days.

It’s time to bring out the firepower: probably the most important win in Oregon’s recent history. The one that shut up Beaver fans, led to a giddy month of December and then massive heartbreak on New Years Day.

Ensuing massive heartbreak aside, the 37-33 victory over Oregon State in the 113th Civil War is one of the greatest moments in the history of our program.

And it’s the best I can offer to get your minds off Masoli and onto the new season, in which the Pac-10 media just rated us tops in the conference.

I smell roses…

Go Ducks!!

45 days left… A Tribute to Oregon Fans and Gamedays at Autzen

#48 #47 #46

No matter where you come from, who you are or where you’re going, eight days out of the year 60,000 people get together at Autzen Stadium for a near-out of body experience. Watching our beloved Ducks makes people forget about the economy, midterms, and everything else for a truly euphoric, unmatchable Saturday afternoon.

Sometimes I forget how much watching 11 freakishly athletic college kids running around on a field trying to get a ball into a specially colored patch of grass means to us.

And then I see a video like this.


I’m so grateful to be able to participate in Oregon football and be a facilitator in other people’s enjoyment of it. That’s why I run this blog, to allow people to express, recount and immerse themselves in something bigger than any individual.

Sure, there are downsides which I don’t need to mention, but the upside far outweighs any detractors. With all that said, this video captures every good thing about college football. The pride, the community, the support, all creates a magical bliss we can share with friends and thousands of strangers.

Now that I’ve gotten all worked up, I have to remind you there are still 45 days until kickoff. I’ll do my best to get us through it in the meantime.

Go Ducks!!!!

It’s Finally Game Day: The Biggest Civil War Ever

Duck Voodoo at it's best!

Duck Voodoo at it's best!

Before this year, Abraham Lincoln must have rolled in his grave at the thought of two Oregon football teams making light of our country’s most historic moment to promote a rivalry game.

But this year, good ol’ Uncle Abe understands.

Never before in the history of this game – all 112 years – has this game carried so much weight. The winner goes to the Rose Bowl and the loser, well, the Holiday Bowl isn’t much of a consolation.

Seeing as this is the biggest sporting event of my life – and in the history of Oregon – it’s truly unfortunately I couldn’t spend more time previewing this  game. But I’m a student first and a football fan second, err, well, at least that’s what I lead my dad to believe.

Professors really should know better than to assign final projects, essays, exams the week of the Civil War. One even scheduled a final exam review for 4 p.m. this afternoon. Seriously. Let’s see who shows up for that one.

But I will give you a prediction, and more links,  so I help satisfy you football fix before kickoff.

I honestly just can’t see the Ducks losing this game. Not with how the Ducks steamrolled OSU last year in Reser, not with how explosive Oregon’s offense has been, not when I just found out Oregon State actually has a homosexual Sheep Center on campus (seriously!), and most importantly, not in Autzen.

The one thing that does worry me though, is Jacquizz Rodgers.

In case you were wondering, yes, that is real horse poop.

In case you were wondering, yes, that is real horse poop.

I don’t like him. You don’t like him. No Duck fan likes him. But he is a fantastic football player, and a threat that Oregon State didn’t have last year. He is a total game-changer.

Fortunately, Oregon’s front seven is much improved and stopping the run has turned from a weakness last year, to a strength this year.

This is going to be one of those nail-biting, cover your eyes at the  finish, down to the wire games that makes football so great.

And I can only expect one thing: A Duck victory.

Prediction: Oregon 45, Oregon State, 38

Here are some more links you definitely need to check out:

ESPN’s Ted Miller examines the importance of this game for both teams, the fan bases and even conference awards.

OregonLive’s Bob Rickert has some videos to get you fired up, including – you guessed it- I Love My Ducks.

Sports Illustrated’s Austin Murphy weighs in with his thoughts on the Civil War.

The AP breaks down the differences between a Duck and a Beaver. It won’t just be anatomically, I promise.

And finally, the Oregonian’s John Canzano says the fans need to their part to make this Civil War epic. Shouldn’t be a problem, Johnny boy.

And there you have it, Go Ducks!

I’ve told you mine. What’s your final score?!?!

Oregon-Stanford: Expect the Ducks to Keep Rolling

It turns out that Masoli really is as good as he was in the Holiday Bowl last year. Good news for Oregon. Bad news for Stanford.

It turns out that Masoli really is as good as he was in the Holiday Bowl last year. Good news for Oregon. Bad news for Stanford.

Stanford might have a nicer campus, smarter students, and even a better synchronized swimming team, but when it comes to football, there is no doubt that Oregon comes out on top.

The Ducks are coming off a big win, while the Cardinal have been home resting up during their open date.

This has pushed many pundits to put the Ducks on upset watch this Saturday, but like Rob Moseley from the Register-Guard wrote, “Is an obvious trap game actually a trap game if everybody in the country thinks it’s a trap game?”

Not with Chip Kelly at the helm.

Many coaches spew clichés, but Kelly has more than lived up to his of “one game at a time.” More importantly, the players have bought in 100 percent.

Left tackle Bo Thran echoed the intense focus that Kelly has preached to his team weekly, particularly this week after the tremendous high from beating USC last Saturday. Kelly isn’t worried about a letdown against the Cardinal.

“It’s a special team,” Kelly said. “Their mindset is really good right now. We all live in the moment.”

So what will it take for the Ducks to get their eighth straight win?

There’s no reason to believe that Stanford will be able to slow down the Ducks offense. Jeremiah Masoli and LaMichael James have emerged as legitimate stars, and Heisman candidates, since the turnaround against Cal in September.

Since the game, Masoli has been the epitome of efficiency, completing over 70 percent of his passes, while running for 7.5 YPC in his 29 attempts.

James, meanwhile, will have a chance to break the 1,000-yard mark for the season this weekend, which would be just the 16th time in Oregon history and the first time ever for a freshman. The diminutive speedster is 16th in the country in rushing yards and third in yards per carry.

James has exploded the last three games, each time surpassing the 150-yard plateau.

Defensively, I expect Nick Allioti to focus on stopping Toby Gerhart, a semifinalist for the Maxwell Award. Stack nine in the box and force Andrew Luck to beat you through the air.

Although Luck definitely has the potential to be a great quarterback, he hasn’t been able to win a game this season when he’s had to do it by himself. The five-star recruit and, of course, valedictorian from Texas is 0-3 in games where he has attempted 30 or more throws.

Bottom line, I expect the Ducks to come out with another win.  Playing on the road is tough, and Stanford is a much improved team under Jim Harbaugh, but Oregon just has too many weapons.

I expect the Cardinal to hang around in the first half, but then the Ducks will run away with it in the third quarter.

Prediction: Oregon 42, Stanford 17

Highlights from Halloween: Oregon Ducks Thrash the USC Trojans

This is the only video on the net that truly captures how great a day it was to be an Oregon Duck. Enjoy, and Go Ducks!

Made by jtlight and danzig from Addicted to Quack

USC at Oregon from AT Q on Vimeo.

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Oregon Ducks Dress Up as the Grim Reaper, Kill USC on Halloween Night

If you’ve never been to a big game at Autzen stadium, I suggest you do everything in your power to do so. Take out a loan, put your wife or girlfriend up for prostitution, sell your kids. Whatever it takes. These options are all better than being forced to watch an Oregon Ducks home game from your couch.

This guy is my idol.

This guy is my idol.

Yesterday was honestly the best day of my life. And I’ve had some great days. Being born, for one. Jerry Rice once stepped on my foot at a YMCA post-game party. J.T. Snow moved in next door when I was 12, and the first thing I said to him was that Eric Chavez was my favorite player.

I was at the A’s game when they finally won a division series in 2006, and even better, I was there, sitting 10 rows away, when Frank Francisco lost his mind and threw a chair into the stands.

See I’ve had some great days, but none have came even close to the absolute mayhem that ensued yesterday from 4:30 in the morning when I showed up at ESPN’s College Game Day, all the way until 10 pm when the students finally started clearing the field.

To sum up, here’s what I tweeted last night, at 2 a.m. no less, mildly intoxicated. “UOsportsdude: Game day. Nap. Pre-game. Game. Celebration. Beer pong. Drunk dialing my gf. Now that’s what I call a good day.”

So now that we have established that yesterday was officially the best day ever, unless you are a USC fan, or Bernie Madoff, here are some of my thoughts on the game.

· Hey Matt Barkley, can you hear us now? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

· Can we just make it official? Autzen is the loudest stadium in the country. USC had five false starts in the first half alone. I lost count after that.

· Can we just give “Big Balls” Chip Kelly the national Coach of the Year award, right now? Seriously. Drive it to his house right now.

· And how cool is Chip? He dressed up as Puddles at Game Day. What a baller.

· And if that weren’t enough, when asked about why the Ducks are so successful in the second half, he coolly says, “Our halftime adjustments are just try to get a drink of water, touch your toes and go back out and play.”

· One more reason to love Chip Kelly: “We don’t recruit guys to play in games like this, we recruit guys to win games like this.”

· I wonder what Jeremiah Masoli did last night. I bet the second he left the locker room, someone had a beer and a perfect 10 waiting for him.

· I actually feel like I single-handedly had a part in the Ducks win last night. And of course, the 59,591 other people in the Autzen zoo.

· Last night was the worst lost in Pete Carroll’s tenure with the Trojans, and the second worst loss in the history of USC.

· In his past 93 games, Carroll had never lost by more than a single touchdown.

· Oregon rushed for 391 yards against a team that ranked fifth in the nation in rushing defense, allowing just 80 yards a game. The Ducks had 613 yards of total offense, the second-highest total USC has ever allowed after Notre Dame’s 623 in 1946.

· I still love the Song Girls, though.

· LaMichael James is now officially added to my man crush list. Jeremiah Masoli, you’re next.

· The setting for last night’s game was a perfect storm. Night game. Halloween. ESPN Game Day. In Autzen. I didn’t meet a single Duck fan who wasn’t 100 percent confident we would win.

· I also didn’t meet a single USC fan that talked trash before the game. I guess they knew what was coming.

· I hugged Will Tukuafu on the field after the game.

· There were about 15 people dressed in farm animal costumes last night. Why? I don’t know.

· Best costume of the night goes to the Oregon coconut bra guy, who uncannily resembled the Joker. Good work, man.

· I can’t believe that just two years ago, USC was my first choice for college. I think I made the right decision coming to Eugene.

· Stat of the Night: Oregon gained 99 more yards again the Trojans than they did against Washington State. Wow.

· The only good news for USC fans? They can sleep in on New Year’s Day.

· Here’s the best article I read from a USC perspective, from the LA Times .

· Oregon beat the Trojans so badly that the USC president is now planning to retire after 19 years at the helm.

· I’m sorry, but the Ducks are not the eighth best team in the country. Iowa, Cinci, Boise State and TCU? Come on. Three mid-majors whose only good win collectively, is the Broncos beating Oregon when they were a completely different team, and a team from the Big Ten, which might be a worse conference than the WAC.

· Only Florida, Bama, and Texas should be higher. And I think we could beat any of these teams right now.

· As of this moment, I would be honestly disappointed in a Rose Bowl appearance. I would rather play a team from the Big 12 in the Holiday Bowl than crush Iowa in the Rose Bowl.

· Title game, or bust, baby.

· My favorite sign from Game Day: “Matt Barkley reads Twilight .” It’s a long ride back to LA, Matt. Read up.

· The only thing I am disappointed with is that Oregon didn’t go full blackout. How sick would those uni’s have been?

· Quote of the night goes to Masoli: “We plan on doing this. If we make a statement, we make a statement. That’s just Oregon football and how we roll.”

· I am flying home for next week’s game at Stanford. Best $300 investment ever made…by my dad.

· I am going to make my girlfriend paint me in Oregon colors from head to waist, and she is going to have to put up with me in “Oregon football mode” for an entire afternoon. I apologize in advance.

· I said it before, but it bears repeating. I am more all in Oregon football than Charles Barkley and John Daly at a poker table—and I couldn’t be happier.


If you want to check out more pics of the game, please go to U of O student Christina Barth’s Flickr page here.

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