My Gift From France

So my dad just got home from spending two weeks in France with his girlfriend. He met her parents, went to the Eiffel Tower, toured castles, chilled on the beach, and you know, all the stuff that a couple would do in the summer in France.

While he was there, he specifically went out his way to find my brother a Samir Nasri French National Team kit. First of all, my brother has no real affinity for this Nasri fellow. He didn’t even know who he was until he watched me play with him on FIFA, but  nonetheless, he had to have it. My dad, thinking that Nasri was my pinhead brother’s favorite player, spent hours looking in every nook and cranny of Paris to find him this jersey. He even CC’d me on an e-mail saying he would buy a blank National Team jersey and have a professional print Nasri’s name on the back. Fantastic.

So my brother comes home and enthusiastically shows me his pretty awesome new shirt. Pretty cool. Then my brother says my dad got something for me too. I expected something, you know, maybe sports related. I mean, it’s not like I keep my sports obsession a secret. Yes, I do read Sports Illustrated under the covers with a flashlight, with the lights off, but he knows about it! OK, so what did he get me?

A shirt of the freakin’ Bayeux Tapestry. Expectations crushed. Oh well. Maybe I can wear it to a 70’s party this year at Oregon. The 1470’s. Thanks dad.


UPDATE: So I met my dad for coffee tonight at Peet’s (free plug!) for the first time since he came back home from his trip. Of course, like any good friend of the Sports Dude, he came armed with gifts. Excited, I was giddy to find out what else he got me from France. Guess what the first thing he pulled out? Yes, another! Bayeux Tapestry t-shirt.

So in reality, the gift my brother passed on to me from dad was meant for him. Can’t really blame a 12 year old for not wanting a shirt of the Bayeux Tapestry, but to re-gift it to me? Not cool.

But here’s the funny part. My brother doesn’t know that my dad gave me another one. So guess what he’s getting for Christmas?

Mark one for the Sports Dude.