Forget About Masoli for a Second, We’re 37 Days Away From Oregon Football

While everyone is busy digesting the absurdity of all things Jeremiah Masoli this morning — my favorite being the “Media Mistakes” page on his new PR site (I don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed that my initial report didn’t make the cut, yet Wikipedia did) — I’m here to get you excited about the thing that actually matters, you know, that things that starts in 37 days.

It’s time to bring out the firepower: probably the most important win in Oregon’s recent history. The one that shut up Beaver fans, led to a giddy month of December and then massive heartbreak on New Years Day.

Ensuing massive heartbreak aside, the 37-33 victory over Oregon State in the 113th Civil War is one of the greatest moments in the history of our program.

And it’s the best I can offer to get your minds off Masoli and onto the new season, in which the Pac-10 media just rated us tops in the conference.

I smell roses…

Go Ducks!!


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